Nigerian lady residing in UK has said that she intends traveling back to Lagos because she is tired of the type of men they have to deal with.

According to her, most of the men in London have one problem or the other which usually revolve around their financial status and behaviour.

She said that whenever she meets a man it is either he is handsome and has no money or he has money but he’s not fine.

The Makeup artiste also said that the ones who have money are the usually very disrespectful and condescending towards women.

In addition, she mentioned a third category of men who have something to offer but are either married or complicated.

The lady noted that because of the issues she highlighted, she has decided that her next stop for her to find a man is Lagos, Nigeria.

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chiziterem___; Why are you people always complaining. US and other countries don’t complain 😂

simplyaroh; Of all the places to find man na for Lagos 😂😂….. Okay o

funmi_7; Na HIv I hear say full here o man no dey anywhere o, good ones scarce

somto_ohaleta; Aunty you have single men with student visas hopping into the Uk… go get one of them

excellent_pinna; Sis just stay where you dey. No men in lagos abeg no come

bree_star111; Shay una say nigerian men nor good na. Abeg go Ghana or Niger! We nor ne second option

rashb1; Na breakfast dey nija ooo. Should we tell her?


Similarly, a young Nigerian lady went viral after she stormed a popular shopping mall to desperately search for a man whom she would call her own.

She posted a video online which showed her at the mall and she said that she’s not there to shop for anything because her only mission is to look for a guy.

According to the fine lady, the hustle to get a man is real and people should not lose guard, else they lose their man.

She also sent a message to other ladies that if any of their boyfriends or lovers should approach her, she would snatch them without thinking twice