Nigeria will remain unbreakable, says prophet Effa

The Senior Pastor of World Royal City Church Abuja, DR Emmanuel Effa, has said that the current challenges facing the country, will not lead to her breakdown, but will rather shape the nation.

Effa, who is a well travelled conference speaker, a prophet, author and leadership consultant, expressed hope that Nigeria will experience peace during and after the forthcoming general elections.

The Prophet, who also presides over Pastors’ Support Network, a network of over 2,000 pastors around the world, urged Nigerians to come out en masse and exercise their civic right of voting for the candidate of their choices.

The Senior Pastor, who oversees the non denominational multifaceted church with campuses in the United States of America and Africa, also urged Nigerians to pray so that this election will not leave the country more divided than it is presently.

Effah, who is married to Pastor Ellis Effa, is blessed with three children.

His Ministry is characterised with accurate prophecies, instant healings, miracles, signs and wonders.

He is active on social media such as Instagram (prophet_effa), Facebook (Dr Effa Emmanuel) and Twitter (@effason).


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