A trending video of a young girl was captured sadly sitting at join waiting for her boyfriend who took her to the joint to enjoy their selves..


An angry woman was behind the camera dragging the girl to pay her money or she bring phone, but unfortunately the girl responded to her that she is not with her phone and that was what saved the girl because it has gotten to extend of collecting her phone to replace with the drink and meat money they ate. 


She got total confused because she scattered her bag and exposed all the make-up accessories that was inside all in the name of finding a miracle money in her bag. 


Netizen react to the crying drama .

YUYU Idukoyas: Igbo girls and beer are 

KEVO Ricky: Ladies should inculcate the habit of going to restaurant with money even if its the guy that's sorting the bill out.now u don enter one chance...cuz u go xplain tire, no evidence.its quit embarrassing.


Machy Machy:Not Good but there's always a reason for something. 💯

NWONU Blessing: How can u go out without vex money Haba Asfor the he goat I have no word for himn Iseparable.

Watch here 


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