Apostle Johnson Suleman, who recently concluded a groundbreaking leadership and miracle conference in Toronto, Canada, with a massive turnout, received a warm welcome from the President of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto. The two leaders met at the presidential palace in Nairobi, where they had a productive discussion about Africa's future. Apostle Johnson Suleman, known for his prophetic leadership and philanthropic works, expressed his strong belief in the possibility and necessity of a united Africa, and advocated for its vigorous pursuit. In his words, "As Africans, we are blessed with a rich cultural heritage, and it is high time we leveraged this to build a better continent. A united Africa will create endless opportunities for our people, especially our youth, who are our greatest assets." President William Ruto was delighted to host Apostle Johnson Suleman at his office, expressing gratitude for his passion for African unity, development, and prosperity. He praised Suleman's efforts to empower the less privileged through his philanthropic works, emphasizing the importance of such gestures in transforming Africa. The meeting between Apostle Johnson Suleman and President William Ruto signals a new direction for African leaders and religious figures, who are increasingly seeking ways to foster unity, peace, and progress on the continent.   Suleman's message of hope and inspiration has earned him a reputation as one of Africa's leading prophetic voices, with many people looking to him for guidance and motivation.

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https://youtu.be/2qlikDFsEP0?si=V2nW-BbRz6zOjHd As Apostle Johnson Suleman departs Kenya, he leaves behind a message of unity and cooperation, urging Africans to work together to create a better future for themselves and their children. His commitment to creating a united Africa for all Africans is worth emulating, particularly given the challenges facing the continent today.


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