‘Hide your husbands because we are coming home to fu*k them’ – SHS students warn [Watch

A group of female Senior High School (SHS) students have issued a strong warning to married women in the country.

In the footage that is fast going viral, the five friends spoke together, warning every wife to make sure that they have kept their husbands hidden from female senior high school students.

SHS students warn married women
‘Hide your husbands because we are coming home’ – SHS students warn married women

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This advice, the young ladies further explained, was being doled out because they (the students) are about to come back home on vacation.

“Wives, please hide your husbands because we the high school girls are about to return home for our holidays,” the students said.

Although they did not give reasons for their caution, many believe it is because the students’ objective is to snatch husbands.

Following the publication of the video, some social media users have been reacting to it.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

While some took it on a lighter note, others criticized the girls for making such “ignorant” statement.


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