Me and my husband don marry for over 5 years and he never gree do kerewa with me for almost 2 years.

I been dey wonder wetin be the problem,until I discover say my husband na gay. He deny when I first ask am but he later gree say him na gay.We get one pikin together.After I find out say my husband na gay,he no gree knack me again even when I beg for am and I be dat kind woman wey no sabi shook leg for outside.

Although many men dey disturb me say dem like run things with me but I no gree for dem. If I divorce now,wetin I go tell my family?Make I no lie,my husband dey take care of us wella and my daughter like her Papa no be small.

As I dey here so my kpekus need beta knacking,i even try to use sex toys but e get as e dey do me,anytime I try put am inside my body.

Wetin shock me for the whole matter be say my husband give me go ahead to knack for outside but fear of God wey I get no gree let me

As you see me so I don tire and I no know wetin to do again,i beg advise me before I go do anoda thing.

Cc: #FlenjoPh


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