A woman rumored to be a slay queen and a sex freak has revealed that the best bedroom session she’s ever had was with a dog.

According to this lady’s anonymous confession, she positioned herself in front of the dog in a doggy-style pose.

She went on to say that after sexually seducing the dog, it instantly grabbed her and began shoving her mercilessly. 

 The lady went on to say that she moaned loudly while the dig worked on her since it was extremely strong and wouldn’t let go until it was finished.

In the confession, the lady disclosed that the dog was able to consistently band her for 30 minutes with no break and that was the first time she was able to cum 4 times in a row.

Ladies have now abandoned men to chase dogs, just recently a video that went rife on the internet shows a lady having sex with a bingo in Dubai for money.

This generation is filled with more terrible people than what the Bible said about the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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