My wife left home since August 2022.

One morning, she woke me up to tell me that she got a job in Abuja and would be leaving Owerri to Abuja for the job. I asked her how she got the job but she said that a friend of hers helped her get the job. 

I was skeptical about it considering that she didn't have anyone in Abuja. We've been married for five years and we have two daughters. I told her not to go, but she got angry and called me an enemy of progress. 

We are both graduates. I'm a keke driver. I take care of them, pay school fees, house rents and opened a small provision store for her. She had  always complained about wanting it big and compared herself to other women living well. 

I had to give in. she said that as soon as she got a job in Abuja, we would all relocate. 

One month after she went to Abuja,  I asked her the name of the company, but she refused to tell me. I kept pestering her to tell me where she works,her phone number became off till date. 

I called her mother to tell her everything, but her mum and immediate younger sister insisted she's an adult and could take care of herself. Moreover she went to look for greener pastures.

When I couldn't reach her on the phone, I asked the sister if they were in contact, but she said no. 

In December, her elder sister came to take the kids for Christmas holiday. When the school resumed in January,  I went to pick them only to see that the sister had registered my kids in a school in the area they live.

I asked her why, she said that since the kids' mum were not around, they should be closer to them. I wanted to take my kids back by force but her sister said I would refund her the money she used in registering them in the new school.

During the heated argument, people advised me to leave the kids since they were with their aunt and grand mother, that they wouldn't hurt their own sister's children. 

Last week, my wife's sister posted my wife congratulating her on the new car she just bought. I made a comment on the post and she blocked me. I'm just sitting on the fence. I don't know which way to go now or what my wife is up to. "

Cc : Senior Bro Ng


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