Evangelist Dr. J Ben Greatness..
Number 1-  Ben Greatness is a Liberian that hails from BOMI COUNTY & was born on the 9th of August at thr John F. Kennedy Medical hospital in Monrovia.
2. Evangelist Ben is protégé of Apostle (Prof.) Johnson Suleman & Rev. Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman,  the President of Omega Fire Ministries Int'l & he serves as the National Coordinator of the Sons of the Prophet Network in LIBERIA by divine privilege.
3. Evangelist Ben Greatness is the President of the TRIUMPHANT EVANGELICAL FIRE MINISTRIES INT'L, a ministry noted for corrosive speeds, called to raise people that are burning with fire for God.
Triumphant Evangelical Fire Ministries has many branches in LIBERIA,  Gambia, Sierra Leone , Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and United States of America.  The ministry is also know for having the Biggest Christian NIGHT VIGIL in Liberia called MIRACLE & FIRE night which is scheduled for the 1st Friday of every month by 10pm.
4. Evangelist Ben Greatness is a Happily married man with a blessed home. His wife is Rev. Mrs. Ruth GLORIOUS GREATNESS,  whom herself is a pastor & the CEO of Fashion City Liberia,  a Christian designers clothing company & boutique. His wife is also Leader of Women of Impact in LIBERIA with the aims of training pastor's wives to become Impactful and useful to both the Church and their family.
5. Evangelist Ben Greatness is a great Philanthropist and humanitarian.  He have had widows & orphan on his monthly payroll consistently for over 4 years. He & his wife also has many students on their personal scholarship scheme in many Secondary schools, trade schools and private universities in LIBERIA.
Because of these, He was inducted into the International Gospel Hall of Fames with an Ambassadorial award & a Global Icon Award in Excellent Leadership.
6. Evangelist Dr. Ben Greatness is a Doctor of Divinity which he obtained from the Breakthrough International Bible University in Kenya & also has another honorary Doctorate in BIBLICAL STUDIES from God's Endtime Theological School in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
He resigned honorably as the Credit manager of the  First International Bank ( FIBANK ) in LIBERIA to focus on full time Ministries due to his Unconditional love for God.
7. Evangelist Ben Greatness is commonly referred to as THE LION OF LIBERIA.  This is due to his boldness in declaring the word of God , speaking the truth to those in authority & for his multiply prophecies that he releases every December 31st for the nation and countess times people see the fulfillment..
8.. Although he is young , he is a Father & mentor to thousands upon thousands of Liberians around the world especially Pastors. He currently has a mentoring platform called SONS OF THE PROPHETIC EVANGELIST MOVEMENTS ( SOPEM) , with many overseers of their own Ministries looking up to him as their spiritual coverage.
9.. Evangelist J. Ben Greatness is greatly loved my many Liberians because he is very humble and easily accessible Although he is one of Nation richest & influential pastos. Even gospel artists sing in his interests to celebrate him during his birthdays..
He has spiritual children, brothers & partners that are both in government and the opposition  block because of his integrity.
He has few of his sons as legislatures,  politicians,  business man, and international business woman.
10. Inspite of being a prominent public preacher. Evangelist Ben Greatness also is a business man that has a traveling agency called GREATER GLORY TRAVEL & TOUR & Greater Glory car rental service.
He is also the Managing Director of Greater Glory Financial Institutions  ( Micro loan agency &  savings club).
He is the President of Triumphant Bible Institute  ( TBI ) & TRIUMPHANT Vocational  Trade School  ( TVTC ) which is about to commence fully.
He is the C.E.O of FRESH FIRE TV 📺  & the inventor of Grace VIRUS 2022 that is spreading PRAYER and PASSION VIRUS. He also organizes & sponsors FOOTBALL tournaments & Inter schools quizzing tournaments.  He is a Liberian preacher that has traveled extensively to over 35 nations of the world 🌎 and still traveling to spead the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Ladies and Gentlemen,  I bet that these are 10 top things u didn't know about the LIBERIAN 5 STAR GENERAL & ORACLE WITH MIRACLE EVANGELIST DR J BEN GREATNESS.


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