Watch the Recap of Tottenham vs Liverpool 2-2 Full Highlights on Kilamity On Nineteenth of December 2021 Europe Premier League.

“Liverpool vs Tottenham” was another tough English Premier League game tonight as Robertson scored at 69 and sent off at 77th minutes.

Sessegnon beats Alexander-Arnold on the left of the area and picks out Kane, who makes a mess of a brilliant chance! He couldn’t sort his feet out and the ball bobbled away from goal.

Winks clips a clever first-time pass in behind, but Son can’t control the bouncing ball on the run. Had he taken it in his stride, and he probably should have done, he would have been one on one.

Alexander-Arnold’s free-kick is headed across goal and wide by Jota. I think he was helping it on rather than going for a goal, and the stretching Mane wasn’t far away from reaching it.

Incidentally we’ve just seen a replay of Alli’s chance earlier in the half – his shot was going in, right in the corner in fact, and Alisson made one of the saves of the season.

Fine save from Lloris! Honestly, this is the most glorious game of football. Mane runs at SOMEBODY, I HAVE NO IDEA and lifts a cross to the far post. Alexander-Arnold watches the ball drop, lasers in his peepers, and rifles a half-volley that is kicked away by Lloris.

Mane’s deflected cross loops onto the roof of the net. Liverpool’s attacking play, against what is effectively an eight-man defence a lot of the time, has been spectacularly good.

It looked like Jota was shoved in the back by Emerson Royal in the 37th minute. I think it was him, but it’s been such a frantic first half that I barely know my own name, never mind anyone else’s. I’d like to see it again to be sure, but there’s no time for replays at the moment.

There was no time to talk about Dele Alli’s first-half performance. Pretty good, I’d say, and noticeably more energetic than some of his displays in the last couple of years.


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