Official Thank you Message for allowing me to Serve as Djan Osun State Chairman: To God be the glory for allowing me and my fellow Executives to start this journey as we are Elected on the 2nd of May, 2019 - and Ending our Tenure today 2nd of May 2022. To all Djan Osun State Founding Pioneers, Past Executives and present members, I say a very big thank you to my father and role model, Mr Tade Adeyemi DJ Kool Djan National President, thank you for your support, modelling and fatherly role. To all our National Leader's, thank you for the laid down, bringing out thousands of youths, encouraging them in the present world of unemployment. To all my Executives members, thank you for been supportive, through laugh and dance, thick and thin, thank you for been there for me, even sometimes, when things look as if we will all break up and everyone will find his way, while we argued, and fought, we still always have every good reason to come back the round table with substantial Development that will be of benefit to the Association. Thank you all for been so wonderful with the Spirit of love. To all our members across board, thank you for your persistence and been optimistic with our course, believing in us that Djan Osun State will be the best among the rest. And I strongly believe that, you guys will also do everything to keep the flag of Djan Osun State flying high. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve, to learn and to improve in my leadership skills and I considered it as a great honor and I felt inspired to always give my best every day, for the betterment of our future, whenever am called upon. EXECUTIVES 2019-2022 DJ SCORE: CHAIRMAN DJ BEEBO: VICE CHAIRMAN DJ MALOTO: SECRETARY DJ TJ: ASST. SECRETARY DJ TEEZ: TREASURER DJ LECKSON: PRO DJ SKULL: PUBLICITY SECRETARY DJ CONEL: SOCIAL DIRECTOR DJ DOLLAR: SPORT DIRECTOR DJ KINGTOMMY: PROVOST 1 DJ SLIM: PROVOST 2 DJ CLIMAX: PROVOST 3 DJ NEWSKOOL: WELFARE Signed by: Paul Abiola Owolabi DJ Score Djan Osun State Chairman.


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