A man has been left totally devastated after he caught his cheating wife red-handed with another man in a hotel room. 

The issue of infidelity in marriages is a very serious one as the stories have become rampant and it is gradually settling to become a normal thing.

Many times, women are on the receiving end of these cheating stories as it happens that their man is being unfaithful to them.

However, things have changed and wives are no longer folding their arms when their man hurts them.

A case in point is this lady who was busted by her husband in the act with another man in a hotel.

It appears the husband had been suspecting the wife of cheating on him and kept a closer look on her movements.

Eventually, his fears were confirmed after he caught her pants down.

From the video, the furious husband is heard threatening to kill the other guy but the wife pleaded with him to spare his life.

The poor guy had to kneel and beg for mercy. This is why it is never a good idea to mess with married women.

It’s like walking into a lion’s den!

Watch the video below:


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