A Nigerian man known as Ubong has been served quit notice by his landlord for entertaining a variety of girls in his apartment on a daily basis.

The landlord, Enobong Nsimah, accused the tenant of turning his house into brothel in partnership with a friend he identified as Unwana.

A copy of the quit notice was shared on social media by the young man who wanted people to see the reason he was being kicked out.

The landlord noted that his rent will expire November 30, 2022 and he will not be allowing him to renew the payment.

In  letter dated 24th November, the landlord said the foundation of his house has failed due to the young tenant’s philandering ways.


Dear Ubong 

Your tenancy agreement will expire on November 30, 2022 and I will not accept renewal regardless of our mutual friendship. Your daily act of prostitution in which several women both young and old are brought to the apartment currently occupied by you can no longer be tolerated. You and your friend Unwana I have successfully turned my house into a brothel, and today, the foundation of my house has failed because of your daily act of prostitution.

I have warned you severally to desist from your indiscriminate sexual activities but to no avail. I will not take this nonsense again. By this notice, you are hereby given to the end of November to vacate the apartment currently occupied by you with your demonic spirit of prostitution.

I wish you well in your prostitution career. Nonsense.

Enobong Nsimah Landlord. 



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