“Four years, and she just dey tell me! she just dey tell me, she said she has four kids. She’s just telling me!”, the groom said.

Watch the video below: 

In reaction, bitcoin_chief wrote; Why didn’t she tell him?

cabalofcomedy; A whole 4 kids?🙆‍♂️. So how many will she born for the new husband?

the_hotstew; Why didn’t you tell him before ????? Nawa for some women

badgalmanilow; This has to be a skit

cbel__; Why would she hide such important information from the man? She didn’t do well.

yungexlamar; She didn’t tell him because she was shy. ☺️💁🏻‍♂️

official_glorioux; My gender 😂always making it very hard to defend them 😢

callme_chrisjay; 4kids!!?? Haba now.. you too fear God now


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