young woman has posted a touching video to show what she looks like after experiencing a difficult marriage In the video posted on TikTok by Ify Goddy Godwin,

She shows how nice and shapely she looked before going into marriage  

After the short video was posted on TikTok  itbat gone viral and drew diverse comments from her followers. 

A woman who has left her marriage has posted a video on TikTok to show how her body changed after the experience. Ify Goddy Godwin posted the video on November 22, showing how shapely she was before she got married to her man. Read more:

 Iffy has left her marriage. Photo credit: TikTok/@ifygoddygodwin. Source: UGC In one photo in the video, Ify looked very chubby and neatly dressed and was obviously full of life Read more: 


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